Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rellenong Manok For Noche Buena

One of the food blogs I visit is that of Connie Veneracion's Pinoy Cook, w/c led me to a blog she created for the season, The Noche Buena Blog.

Staying at AANI FTI Weekend Market, I get to meet the cooks at home. We have been getting orders for the large sized chickens 2.5-3kilos to be used for Gallantina, Relleno and Roasts.

This recipe for Rellenong Manok by Connie Veneracion makes me appreciate why a cook will want a big chicken.

Another comfort food came to mind....not a noche buena fare....but a hole in the wall comfort food. Have you tried having Pospas? Can't recall where I have it in Laguna. What's that place that Laguna is known for puto? Its like lugaw or arroz caldo, but richer and tastier. I guess it is because it is left to simmer for hours.

I am supposed to do a trackback to me try how to do this one:​rellenong-manok-stuffed-deboned-whole-chicken/​trackback/ ....hope I got it.


  1. Binan Laguna is known for delicious puto and
    LALAWIGAN Samal Bataan is known for delicious dinuguan. i can teach you if you want.thanx and more power

  2. I am at the car dealer having my truck serviced and you now got me craving for dinuguan and puto :)

    Have you tried dinuguan with the crunchy chicharon bituka then the cooked blood is poured on top?

    In my appetizing dictionary, it is a favorite.

  3. oh ,its been so long that i have not visit this site,im so sorry solraya.

    im glad that i was able to browse your site again.

    i was researching for some practical tips that could help our kababayans there in the philippines,like the IPA KALAN that will really help para makaiwas sa mahal ng gas,it is a stove to use ipa,if GOD WILLING sana makatulong ako

  4. Today in a trade show, there was this stove, the material was insulated fiberglass. Uses charcoal, not messy, easy to ignite the charcoal, not smokey. It was about php600 each