Saturday, December 15, 2007

F1 Free Range Chickens

That is what we are.

F1 means first generation, bred from selected Parent Stocks (PS). The Parent Stocks we imported from France are selected for taste, growth rate and adaptability to the tropical weather.

Free Range Chickens - They were designed and developed to free range. The Sunshines are meant to graze and forage. They are most happy unconfined in open areas with living grass. You may do a "cut and carry" to bring them their grass, if necessary...but compare how energetic and lively they are when they hunt for their own treasures from the soil.

We breed properly, hatchery in farm, transport in brand new (not receycled) properly designed chick boxes and we are available for free technical assistance. Parent Stocks are imported and replenished periodically to give you quality F1 free range chickens.

We call them
Solraya's Sunshine Chickens
or simply

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