Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Infrared Red Brooding Bulbs

When asked what we suggest to use for brooding, we reply that we personally like to use infrared red brooding bulbs.

These bulbs are designed to give out heat. Unlike the incandescent bulbs that were meant to emit light and expire in a few days, these infrared bulbs are built to last and come out to be very fairly priced in the long run.

Comes in clear and red. The red bulbs were designed for poultry use, to limit feather picking.

Take a peek at the Sunshine hatch of 30 November. We are now brooding 3000 heads for a Southern Luzon client who wanted ready to free range Sunshines. The photos were taken at day1 and day3.

See how they move at day4. For the Ilokanos out there....you might get brooding pointers here.

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