Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Colored Range Broilers Plus

We are adding a new line to our Sunshine colored range broilers, dayold chicks.

In April, aside from our existing line, we are introducing a whitish chicken with red and blue markings. We didn't phase out any strain we were carrying, as they had proven well.

Why did we add the white, red and blue? Add that our company colors and Sunshine yellow....you get the colors of our flag! That idea came after the order was made :) We discussed with SASSO for product development and new strain to introduce that will match the Philippine needs. They suggested this basing on performance and the penchant of Filipino eyes' for color.

Aside from the new broiler strain, don't forget our Starshine too...to be launched in April.


  1. hi solraya, whats the difference between sunshine and the new colored range broiler plus? whats the price?

  2. @ von, aside from our existing line, we are adding another strain..that was the PLUS in the title of the post :) Same price. It will be boxed at random with the others.