Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eyes Teach

That isn't a grammatical error nor wrong spelling. But it does have a double meaning, come to think of it as I type now :)

What do we want to point out here?

1) Cages, which doubled as brooders, need no permanent walls. Nets were used to safeguard from predators. Nets are also easy to lift or to unfold as needed. It was convenient to free them Sunshines on the range.

2) The range has to be rested now and rotated as there was no grass anymore. That was taken about over a week ago and the flock was transferred to the waiting area for harvest. It is located towards the gate, where it is more convenient to harvest as far as logistics will be concerned.

They run to where the grass is..or whatever is left.

3) There is a fence. Not too high, about 6ft tall, and material used was a net. They have a short wing span and can't fly that height. They respect barriers :) They don't force themselves and break the division.

4) Oh no...that flock wasn't responsible for the "putak-putak" sound. That is from the layers that was ranged near by. It was laying time for them and they were noisily doing their thing.

5) Did you notice that the lower portion of the fence was darker? It was reinforced. Over the years, the common complaint is the chickens are able to escape because of holes in the lower portion. Most times, those holes are made my rats and the chickens find those small holes and work their way to freedom :)

Doc Rey decided to have the lower portion have cyclone wires and reinforced by plastic screens. The net will suffice for the top portion...of course for aesthetics and ease, you may have net from top to bottom.

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