Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eye Level

Look at the grass as they way they see it :) Note how alert and excited they is obvious in their eyes.

See how happy they are when the brooding cage is opened and they are let out free to range for the first time!

Look how they go through grits and pebbles. Don't worry. That is good for them. That gets into the gizzard and those grits are the ones that grind what they eat.

These preparations for an instructional video is making us more sensitive to the needs of the chickens and the neophyte farmer. Much just like this blog and the seminars we do, it is geared for the lay person who has to start from ABC. The video will be appreciated more. As we try to make it easier for you, we are observing the chickens more...thus we are learning other new things too.

Education never stops. We continue to learn from one another...and from the Sunshines. Observe.

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