Thursday, February 25, 2010

Too Much

Anything in excess is bad :(

Aside from giving a healthy ground for your Sunshines, you rotate ranging areas for your land, and the plants.

I had this favorite Atis tree that I look forward to picking from and eating fresh fruits whenever in season. As we were examining post ranging areas, I was so sad to see it leafless, lifeless and standing sadly brown and wilted.

When we had Andry and Jojie Lim at the farm last month, I was telling Jojie about my favorite tree. Doc Rey said because it had too much manure in that area. Jojie called the caretaker and asked him to excavate around the tree, about 1meter in diameter. Aerate the area and overturn the soil around it.

One month after, this was how it looked! Thank you Jojie :)

Some layers still found their way to that former range. They must love the Atis that falls off whenever I am not around :)

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