Sunday, February 28, 2010


Opportunities pop out and it is there for the take....or for it to slip by. Of course for the take!

Our calendars are always full, but when you spot an opportunity, you adjust and make way. It is like Spring cleaning...make way for new things.

Much like last Friday's impromptu radio interview...we got a request to do a seminar in a Northern Luzon province. When we said "YES", the next was, "can you also do for other provinces in Region 1?"....Sure :) After we hang up, I had to get my calendar to adjust schedules.

The schedules fell on a week where we were supposed to be on R&R with some agri friends. How to now? Abrakadabra!!!! Turn the Region 1 trip into a vacation :) Reats and Reminars ahahahah.

I will post schedules once I know details and IF we can invite you to join for free :)


  1. also interested in naked necks too i am at

  2. @ edward, you can place an order for Naked Necks :)