Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Dampa

Who hasn't been to Dampa? The strips of wetmarket, where you point to what you want and it is cooked for you.

Better for is pointed while still in the plant, picked off fresh, and steamed for a few minutes. Even our drinking water! It is taken from the well and boiled. By the time we are done with breakfast, we are able to drink warm water to wash it down.

We went home to Isabela, amidst reports of calamity area because of the drought. True it is soooo hot here. But, because of natural farming and open housing and free ranging chickens...we are OK!

More so that we encourage everyone to grow your own food. You can do it in containers in your backyard, frontyard, rooftops or hang containers in walls. That way, whatever flood, power outages or whatever comes our may atl east feed yourselves.

Go back to basics :)

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