Thursday, February 04, 2010

1st Day, INAHGEN 2010

Unbelievable 1st day! Normally, 1st days are the slowest. The exhibitors have time to go around as their chance, being quiet time from ribbon cutting till about 2pm. Not yesterday! It was so jumpy....but productive. That is what I like about INAHGEN, it is a focused trade show. They don't sell booth space just for the heck of sales :)

You have today and tomorrow to check it out. We are at booth #106, Solraya's Sunshine Chicken.

INAHGEN also gave us a seminar slot. Full packed :)

For those who missed the seminar, don't feel bad. We are still able to do a more extensive seminar when there are no constraints on time. Check our seminar schedules that we keep updated.

Incidentally, another thing I love about doing shows: We get to meet our blog readers :)


  1. That's true, even though I miss the seminar, I still had the chance on meeting very important persons of the free range industry, Ms. Sandy and Doc Rey.

    I also learned plenty about the exhibits.

    Hoping to attend the next scheduled seminar.


  2. @ Mariano, yes you were one of the good meets :)