Friday, February 26, 2010

Move Positively

Do you get the feeling for the past year, that all we hear and read on multimedia are all so negative? They are all talking about the glass half EMPTY!!!

Doc Rey and I were discussing that it scares people to move. Most people don't want to invest nor work. It is as if talking about it will ease up the situation.

The other morning, I was watching a segment on a morning TV program. It featured the Makati Fire Department, showing a fire drill. It also taught that we don't panic when there is an LPG leak that causes the tank to ignite a fire. You are just supposed to go behind the fire and close the valve of the won't explode. When the fire gets big and the tank is subjected to intense heat, that it the time it explodes. Many years back, I was also taught that when fire breaks in the premises of a gas station, just make sure that the doors of the underground tanks are closed. The fuel stored underground won't be affected.

Also, they taught how to operate a fire extinguisher. If I had to go on "Family Feud" and asked, "what is one thing you don't know will work until you need it?" reply will be "fire extinguisher". There was acronym that reminds you the steps...w/c I forget now ahahahha. But the important thing I learned was that you train the nozzle at the base of the fire and not to the flames.

Point here is YES, we have problems. But we should do something about it. Educate people to correct the situation. Train people to do other things instead of staying stuck to problems. Look elsewhere. Think out of the box.

Today was a good sign again. We had a longgggggggggggg schedule from dawn to midnight. At about 10am, as we were preparing to go for lunch meeting, Doc Rey gets a call from DZMM's Talakan if he may be interviewed over the phone. The production assistant (PA) went on to describe their program, introducing the hosts etc...I was busy and in a hurry. I asked WHEN. They said today. I asked WHERE, they said they can do a telephone patch. I asked if they wanted live, because it is sooooo different to get across when it is live and Q &As are with eye contact with the hosts.

They were so happy we can do live. Good that lunch was very near ABS-CBN.

You can't move if you are negative. You get stuck or even fall back.

Read about Talakan:

As its title suggests, Talakan (Talakayan at Kantiyawan) is a satirical yet optimistic way of discussing hard core news, public affairs, and showbiz gossips.

Anchors Ahwel Paz and Manny CastaƱeda do a rundown of the latest issues of the day and discuss it one by one. The tandem’s distinct comical way of presenting developing news is indeed a breather to listeners and viewers from all the negative news and issues they encounter daily.

With segments like “Trulaloo o Eklavoo” and “Trivia o Chorva”, Talakan educates and at the same time entertains a wide range of hooked followers--from jeepney drivers, office staff, housewives, online listeners, and even TFC subscribers worldwide. (Source:


  1. Hey Sandy - the acronym for the fire extinguisher is PASS. Pull the pin, Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle and Sweep from side to side.You also need to RACE : Remove all persons from danger, Activate the manual pull station and dial 911 (or the fire department or scream sunog!), Close all doors and windows, Extinguish Fire.

  2. Thank you for the acronym :)

    After reading your comment, several things puzzled me:

    1) who will know my name and was quite familiar in manner of speech?

    2) Didn't just PASS but RACE too! Maybe a first aid crew or a firewoman?

    3) 911? Did we have that here? And did it work? One of the things I have never tried.

    Must be someone in the medical field and in the US?...geeeezzz then it dawned on is pretty sisterette! That was after I thought about looking up the handle of the poster. My attention is always on the post.

    Talking about fire safety. I was really trying to recall that acronym as I got up this morning. We are installing aircons in the other rooms and I thought of calling an electrician to make sure about the load.

    Constructive talks really stick to minds. Thanks Nilda.