Sunday, February 21, 2010


Interesting how Natividad Farms was able to utilize spaces, almost to the perimeter walls!

Notice how most farms form plots with slanting sides? Sides that are basically unused and space is wasted?

This farm had devised a good one. NO wasted space. It is sort of lego blocks that you just put together. In our everyday life, its like the fencing used for NLEX.

Prefabs that they themselves make. There are several molds, depending on utility. You put holes as needed, which are good for drainage :) They are held together by nail pegs or were they wires? Good about it is movable and less laborious than making plots.

They have practically used these for everything. Vegetable plots, walk ways, etc.

And also for their vermiculture :)
You have to be imaginative and innovative to stay sustainable.

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