Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trio With A Purpose

Very rare that people who are busy and are all over the Philippines doing seminars and farm visits can get together. That is like Andry and Doc Rey. Their schedules are hard to fit them to be in one city.

Add to that a 3rd person, Ed Fajardo of Natividad Farms who is so passionate about what he does. These three (3) men can talk forever about their work and dreams. Guess who out talked in the group? :) You can tell by the mouths that were captured. Two were was...doing the "A, E, I, O, U"s hahahahah

The hosts were very gracious to Andy and Jojie Lim, Sisters from SUSI Foundation and Doc Rey and I. Can't get enough of the fresh and clean salad greens.

Ed was excitedly showing off the ranging area. Hey, we were there just last Sunday, the 14th. The photo shown was dated the 18th. Last Sunday there was no grass, no plants, nada. They replanted and they have become established fast and growing rapidly. Thanks to the worms.

They are now preparing a new ranging area already as they forsee several batches. Natividad Farms is very happy with the way their Sunshines are doing, that the vegetable men are now chickeners. They have temporarily forgotten their lettuce. More like they are experts in that field already and new things interest us :)

Well...behind successful men are hardworking ladies. That is Jojie with the babies.

We stayed there for so long. Much like a family lingering in the hospital's nursery. Where was I? Taking the photos.

We are scheduling a new trip...this time in time for observing the ranging area with the new inhabitants.

You should go and visit Natividad Farms. It will reiterate the fact that you can dream, do and survive.

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