Saturday, February 20, 2010

Worm Out Stress

When we visited the 2nd day old chicks in Natividad Farms, last Valentine's Day, we were shown that they were given worms already for food. In their natural habitat, mother hen really hunts for worms to give to her chicks. This was in supplement of the chopped bamboo leaves with brown rice that Jojie Lim prescribed to them.

Even then, you can see the Sunshines loved the worms, although they were two day energized then.

Five (5) days later, as we were commenting and observing the chicks eat and what they ate....Ed Fajardo said that we should hear their sound as worms are brought to them.

Watch and let me comment later :)

Geezzzzz....I wasn't prepared for this! As the Natividad boys came with their trays of worms...the Sunshines literally BUZZEDDDDD and jumped all around! You saw and heard it yourself.

They brought in 1kg at that time of worms. Retail value of about PHP1000 :) But remember, this farm went into Sunshines to get rid of their worms.

The hosts were so happy and proud about the chicks' behavior. Am sure you will be too...unless you are a veterinarian or a poultry man hahahahhaha

STRESS in capital letters! They really bump into one another. Maybe a new game of Bump Chicks will be developed after getting inspiration from this.

Doc Rey didn't tell them outright DON'T....he suggested that the chicks numbering 200, be given about 2kgs of chopped worms in the fermented feeds. If chopped, that way the chicks have no need to be excited with the wiggly, live protein. If chopped, they can be relaxed eating their high protein diet and Natividad Farm's vermi is rid of the over production.

Originally I titled this as Worm Bank...owing to the amount of worms in this farm. But, the stress it brought to the chicks was the point I wanted to bring out after reviewing the video.

Stressful matters may be turned out to good...if properly handled :)

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