Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Natural Brooding

When Ed Fajardo of Natividad Farms showed us what he has printed on free range chicken, I saw that he has several pages from this blog :) and he had attached some pics he "googled images".

This pic is a nice one that shows natural brooding. Explains WHY we need the proper temperature when brooding. The chickens naturally have a slightly higher temperature than humans, and the chicks from day1 to day21 need the warmth while they are still developing their protective feathers.

Notice the space. They are not crowded and have their own areas :)

All over this website, we can't reiterate enough how important brooding is. Please take time to read and make copies.

Mother knows best. In artificial brooding, we learn as much from the mother hens and approximate it as closely.


  1. are these chickens you are raising native chickens? I am from the US and I have a friend in Mangagoy, Bislig City; I am capitalizing a chicken farm for her and would like to learn about the chickens, and would like to investigate raising and breeding the native chickens. Can you help?

  2. @ Marty, I suggest you ask your friend to go over this blog for guides. We are soon coming out with a video that will make instructions easier. Basically everything is here. The video will just make it nicer to look at. Sure we can guide you :)