Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keep Them Out

Over the years, we figured out that even in ranging areas are far and apart, separated by resting ranging areas, other chicken find themselves with other batches.

Rats! Yes, rats are the ones that make those small holes in nets. The chickens figure out their way to freedom through the holes that they are able to make bigger. When they want to go back, then get entangled in the nets and can't find their way. You have to lead them back.

Doc Rey thought that there has to be a way. The Rats can't win all the time :) (my Eastern sign is a Rat). So he tried on using a screen at the bottom.

By reinforcing the bottom, that prevents the Rats from destroying the net by making holes. Even if the Rats succeed in playing and making holes in the upper portion, the Sunshines can't reach that height and crossover to the other ranging areas.

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