Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily Flock Report

I posted this in sunshinechicken e-group, but thought that everyone needs this, even lurkers.

This is daily. Have a table for:

DATE - daily report

AGE OF CHICKS - daily, it may seem obvious, but easier to look at that, than

# OF CHICKS - # of chicks in your flock daily

FEED CONSUMPTION - this will show you if you are feeding enough and properly

# OF MORTALITY - daily, I hope none :)

REASON FOR MORTALITY - so we know how to correct situations. Are there
predators? Were they on top of one another? Color of manure? etc

ACTION TAKEN - what did we do to remedy the problem?

MEDICATION/VACCINE GIVEN - what did we give the chicks?

WEEKLY WEIGHT - weigh every 7days, so we can monitor and anticipate problems

HARVEST DATE - record when you took some for dressing

# HARVESTED - record number, if not all harvested

WEIGHT AT HARVEST - how much did they weigh

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