Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Along The Range

The moment Doc Rey saw this housing, he immediately asked me to take a picture. Firstly because he liked the ingenuity, of using obviously scrap materials.

He had several comments for the owner, regarding brooding and ranging area..but of course I will discuss that first with him....then maybe interact with the others over the e-group.


  1. Hi Mam Sandy! This is Nora, the wife of Jojo. Sayang we missed you last saturday when you visited our place in Angat, Bulacan. We had to leave early lang kasi for my parents' 45th anniversary dinner in Manila. Anyway, hope you can schedule another trip soon. We'd really love to learn first hand from you and Doc Rey.

  2. Yes we will...nice handle :)

    I found my kodigo and will email jojo about comments. Ganda sa inyo...kaya hwag tipirin ang ranging area