Sunday, April 05, 2009

Alternative Heat


Or set on hollow blocks

Charcoal may be used to keep your chicks warm. Burning rice hull or ipa, may also be used as alternative source of heat. Compost material is also a good idea for keeping your chicks warm and close to their natural brooding temperature. Just make sure that the chicks can't be burned :)

Doc Rey suggests that if you are using electric bulbs or gas brooders, have on standby, alternative means to brood. The time spent thinking, planning and preparing may mean that they start crowding and piling up one on top of the other. Wanting to get heat and pushing against one another, extols a lot of pressure on them.


  1. hello sandy,
    when using artificial heater it would be best to use coconut shell. It's dual purpose, a good insect repellent, when it become ash 70%, mix with river sand (30%)is a good anti-mites (they love taking a bath) a good purgative and not so much fumes.
    second, ask your grower to cut the grass.young chicks love to eat new shoots from the newly cut grass and from the newly cut grass they can easily scratch food from the soil. do this one square foot at a time on the free range area (depende sa area to prevent from thinning or na kalbo ang damo...) and don't forget to fertilized the grass with IMO2, FPJ and FAA. Happy ang staff sa training center with there new found sunshine kasi "nakakawala ng stress" just watching them in the "crib"! More power to you...

  2. @ josephine, my heart skipped a beat when I saw your name..."was it the 13th today" wehehhehe. I was telling Zac yesterday how excited I am so see your bebes at the training center and that you are designing a protocol for the Sunshines.

    You may write me a manual, but am so tamad to read. Best that I see the bebes in action under their tutor. Easier to learn by observing.

    Zac and Doc Rey are talking about a collaborated project.maybe we can include Andry...OR the HERS trully? See you on Monday..iniipon ko ang bungisngis ko for you :) Make sure you set your alarm to April13, 2009!