Wednesday, April 22, 2009

As Native

Some growers have found a niche in selling to the local market. "HOORAY" for them!

It may sound surprising to the marketing man how a perceived expensive and high end commodity now has penetrated the local in the markets in the locality of the grower.

Years of work and patience for consumer awareness to eating tasteful and healthy....and more so, bringing back to your area the income by giving work to the farmhelp (if not self employment), to the ladies instead of giving the dressing machine a spin and business to yourselves :) Educating the housewife about deciding on what is rightful spending....getting value for your money!

Think about health benefits, work for the locals, TASTE oh yes the taste....and as a cook, notice that our Sunshines don't shrink when cooked because no chemicals to make them bloat. That in itself is a lot of savings that translates to maybe equal almost in pricing to the industrial chickens.

They say that they have a quick turnaround amongst the local market because it is PARANG NATIVE. I quickly caution them, to tell the truth and be proud about their product being LASANG NATIVE.

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