Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lasang Native

I had been getting email and calls..."Is your Sunshines native chickens"?

That is the reason we used the tagline "LASANG NATIVE"...

Although the Sunshines taste like our native chickens, manok tagalog, bisaya manok, or whatever regional term we have for the Filipino native chickens....we don't, won't, nor claim that the Sunshines are OUR native chickens.

Why? Because, much as they really do taste like the natives, our Certified F1 Sunshine Chicks are from the Certified Parent Stocks that we import are from SASSO of France. We will not claim to the fame of OUR native chickens, nor will we disclaim the research and development of SASSO of France. SASSO is known in the free range chicken industry as the leader, and develops and maintains the strains of pure colored chicken farm breeds. They go through a natural selection for taste and preferences of the different regions in France and clients' requirements. We are proud to be carrying SASSO.

We studied and continue to study our Philippine conditions and market preferences and decided on which strains to bring in to comeup with what we offer to you as Sunshine Chicken. First we brought in the a heavy pure farm breed, that gives us the colorful Sunshines. We next reintroduced the Naked Necks that are sturdier under tropical conditions and have a thinner skin that gourmets prefer. We are now thinking of a new strain to add to our existing line :) All those, to satisfy the different growers' and farmers' needs and wants.


  1. Do you have growers here in Davao City who would be selling ready to range chickens?

  2. @Zed, yes, several growers there who sells RTR. Email me for details.