Monday, April 06, 2009

Are We Tired?

Surprising how many people do visit our blog. Well, surprising shouldn't be the right term, as we get website statistics and surely we are able to gauge our visitors in terms of their location, what they read, what time of the day etc. You may not believe this, but these days we get over 550 pages read every day, by about 150 visitors daily. The statistics show average. So that is from day1, when there were no readers.

I get comments from people I just met, who upon realizing the product represented (well I am always in uniform), blurt out that "I read you a lot". They are from food industry, farming, hobbyists, entreprenuers and yes, from bored people also, whose source of entertainment is sufing :) Almost 30% of daily visits are from returning readers. Thank you :)

A lot of you comment that we are all around, all the time. How do we do it? It must get tiring!

Well, for some points:

1) The company we keep when doing the trips to farms, is always enjoyable. Its just like dinners and lunches, I don't do business stuff. So, rule #1, make sure it is a pleasurable group...the business aspects should just fall into place, and NOT the core of the company. IF it has to be....ok...we may travel in separate cars :)

2) Always look at it as pasyal. Long drives...time to enjoy the scenery. Have you really taken time to drive down old and coastal roads? Instead of doing all the fast express ways that offer you field fires as views?

3) Opportunity to eat and discover new things. I love going to the markets, or stopping by the roadside stall to buy sea salt or dried seaweeds. Asking vendors how to best enjoy it, how to prepare them.

4) Meet your growers upfront. Does a lot when real rapport is created. Let them know you. At the end, you get other insights and learn a lot....that takes away your aching muscles from the trip.

5) You may travel comfortably. I have mastered packing the things we need, and doing it lightly. On the plane, we take a big suitcase half full and stock the carry on with the projector and laptop inside. When we get to the location, I still have a small case with wheels to lug around my laptop and projector. Going home time, they fit back inside the check in luggage.

6) Lastly....the first step is, know that you WILL LOVE IT!

Hmmmm just thought about a travelogue. Why? I just got an email from a travel agency, if they can post an ad on our website hahahaaha.

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