Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

What did you do today?

We got in at dawn, missed the alarm to go to radio Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura, and we were waken up by the ringing of the cellphone. Guess who? Waaaaaaaaasssss Jackie from Doc Rey did his Vet ng Bayan segment by phone patch.

Since there was no radio to go to anymore, slept a bit more. By about 6am, we got a text from Siniloan Laguna, if we may check his poultry building.

So we went the Manila East Road route, visited friends in Teresa, the new poultry building in Siniloan wanting to be seen, another grower in Barras and ate in Morong. It was a most enjoyable late lunch of fresh Kanduli in Miso, halabos na suaje (you know its fresh when the balat is crisp and easily peels off) and the unforgettable ampalaya/radish salad. Perfect with just plain rice.

We thought today would have been a DWWW, and AANI regular Sunday. But then, today is Easter, it isn't regular. And again...we are always unpredictable :)

Tomorrow we fly to Davao...schedules have to be met and be on time.

What I didn't notice today....or was I driving fast? There were no signs of commercialism in the Easter celebration. Something good for me.

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