Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jojie's Crib

When natural farmers engage in a project, cost cutting and practicality also are in play.

See Andry here, beside the Sunshine Crib of Jojie Lim. Jojie says the cost is about PHP200. The metal sheet makes sure no rats may get to your bebes. The mosquito net, protects it from predators and mosquitoes. The bell attached to the mosquito net, should alarm the caretaker if there is an intruder :)

This size of crib takes care of about 30 Sunshines til 21days....the size and price, is perfect for a household "grow your own chickens" project. Incidentally, Doc Rey commented to Jojie that brooders don't need that height, plus it doesn't have proper ventilation. They agreed that the cost may be cut into half because the sheet may make two brooders.

Jojie has so many ideas....let's wait for her protocol...coming up.


  1. Hi we tried doing the same for our day old chicks using "jojie's crid" until what day po namin sila i-house doon? bec. i think in time they will get to crowded sa limited space. Thanks!

  2. @ Tre, during the brooding time, you need 1 sq ft per chick by the time they get to be 21days old. Better na maluwag sila. Ilan ang chicks mo?