Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunshines In Eden

Years ago, I got a call to call a "room 911"..I thought it was a joke! Same thing now, I wasn't sure about going to Eden :) The trip was fun filled because of the company we had and going through the winding road of the mountains seeing Mt Apo was a clue to what we will see. I was enjoying eating my whole Marang, drumstick style....just gorging on the fruit while holding on to the stem. Wasn't sure if I wanted to put down my Marang, but equally excited to see the chirping chicks.

The farm is perfectly nestled on the slopes of a very cool and quiet Eden. The Sunshines have a perfect view of the city.

No wonder they were weighing in perfectly when we saw them at 21days. The ranging area as being prepared. As of today, they were happily sipping their water, viewing the fantastic view

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