Saturday, April 18, 2009


When Zac Sarian, Doc Rey and I made the Feb trip to Davao for the PVMA, it was primarily for Doc Rey and his seminar. Zac and I knew we were going to enjoy Durian and whatever comes our way after. I asked Tere of Earthkeepers to set us up with the infamous Andry and Jojie Lim, and of course a farm visit with her co-author Dante Delima.

That trip was enjoyable and educational. Doc Rey was only with the group for the lastday, so what we saw was just heresay for him :) When he saw Andry's and Jojie's naturally farmed pigs....he had a lot of questions. Very normal for a veterinarian. We would take that he didn't know his craft, if he accepted the natural farming practice without resistance. That is granting that he is a veterinarian of the 80s.

Things happen and get delayed for reasons....

1) We are working on a book for "Raising Sunshines". Busy schedules have sidelined it, but it is all ready to be edited, illustrated and printed.

2) While brainstorming for Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura over DWWW, an idea flashed for a nice segment. We will keep quiet on this first :)

3) Jojie got different batches of free range chicks and was able to compare growth. She wanting to be more conclusive, she got a 2nd batch.

4) Our seminar in Davao coincided with a time that Andry and Jojie were also in Davao and had the time to go visit farms and showed us their Sunshine chicks.

5) Those visits were eye openers to both parties. Doc Rey was now asking Andry and Jojie a lot of questions. We now had all the time, no rush, to rationalize and put perspective to why science and natural farming should work together and learn from one another. The Lims also saw the logic to what a veterinarian's experience, knowledge and steadfast science has to offer in terms of team play.

They were discussing beddings, feeds, length of intestines, fermented juices etc....

Doc Rey was so awed and renewed after seeing how Tibaw is able to sustain his farm. Seeing the fishes happy and swimming in the dikes...from where he was eating freshly caught fish and really good vegetables in his tinolang manok.

You can see the excitement in his voice, questions and voice! No doubt, everyone's never ending thirst for knowledge will work in sharing. One must study new things, to take care of what's old.

6) Lightbulb!!!! My initial concept for the radio segment may now be translated "in writing", in series and will be for distribution nationwide. Verbal agreements made and final discussion over cafe latte, decaf, green tea and frapuccino....four (4) people, four (4) different drinks. Diverse personalities that blend and meet. Four of us, Andry, Jojie, Doc Rey and I. There is incidentally a 5th person involved for a cameo role.

See for yourself the baby steps....things happened so fast that I missed the most symbolic...when Andry, from below, was throwing the sacks of rice straws to Doc Rey at street level. Doc Rey catching it and Jojie was lugging it to the trunk. As usual, I was comfortably seated under a shade....taking pictures as a disguise for being so tamad.

Symbolic also is how you see Andry and Doc Rey in pictures? Jojie is behind, below or simply taking pictures. Same with me.

Teasers? Let's hope the ones in the background work we have the "TO DO" assignments.

Easers to be ease the mind of farmers :) Options will be offered to choose what is a workable blend for you. Team play dictates no right nor wrong. Let us come up with our own "3in1" for you.

If we didn't tickle your mind to what we are up to....then we have to reinvent ourselves.

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