Tuesday, April 07, 2009


That best describes our schedules :) Not that I'm complaining.

Yesterday, we were supposed to have driven back to Isabela for a quick trip before we fly to Davao. Holidays gave us the alibi to just work in our computers inroom and was too lazy to pack and go. Also, staff will be on break too so many things to check before they leave.

What wakes us up this morning? A request for a seminar tomorrow morning. Several out of town deliveries ordered today! We also have to make some deliveries as there is only one driver left in Manila. Well, Tuesday is not a regular delivery day for us, so we are not manned for this. But, we are very flexible and always ready .... used to the unexpected, expecting already the unpredicatable and making do with situations :)

A Mandaluyong delivery crops up....hmmmmm I remember wanting to try 1521 Restaurant...hope to experience their cooking.

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