Thursday, April 02, 2009

Making Life Easier

Often been asked about choppers/shredders. The ones out in the market before were very expensive stuff but useful to have around as it allows you to concentrate on other issues other than personalities when you have a lot of manpower.

At PHP35,000, this is a good buy. 6.5hp and shreds 500kilos/hour...not bad :)

If you have little space, then cut and carry should be it for your Sunshines. A chopper will be handy for you. Making your fermented fruit and plant juices will be sisiw now wehhhehehe.

Solraya will be carrying this and may accept orders from you.


  1. hey just thought about buying one, but most on ads are very expensive. pls email me the details and price of your chopper

  2. @ Rene, ayan na po nga details saka price. Sabi ko na nga ba masyadong busy for details ang brains mo wehheheheh

  3. tanong ko lang kung ilang diameter ang kaya niyan gilingin at available din ba ang spare parts nyan sa inyo?

  4. @ noli, pasukat ko ha, malaki ang opening nito. Yes, may parts

  5. gd pm ask ko lang sa P35000 na chopper/shredder anong engine ang 6.5hp, at sakali chopper/shredder lang kunin ko dahil may yanmar engine na po ako. thank you from or