Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Carbonized Rice Hull

Some people really make CRH for use in organic fertilizers. In Isabela where we are based, we have the luxury of CRH from the many rice mills around. The coveted CRH is a byproduct and can be taken with a telephone call :)

How do you, as a raiser of free range chickens, acquire for yourself? You may use some charcoal and rice hull as alternative source of heat. Put holes around tin pails/drums. Have rice hull and some charcoal and ignite. The burning rice hull will give off heat. You may also burn coconut husks or shells :)

Instead of throwing away the resulting material inside your drums, mix them with sand and make them as beddings in your brooders and pens. Very good for diarrhea prevention...remember your own medication?

I like Black..looks clean to me. I also like the caring detail the grower here has given to his babies. He built them a perch stand! Thoughtful that it is natural for chickens to want to perch and that also helps them safe from predators.

Incidentally, you may even sell your organic fertlizers to your neighbors, from your Sunshine's waste :)

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