Friday, February 29, 2008


We have come from an exciting 3days for the 2nd INAHGEN.

Rumandan Farms And Nursery, based in Rosario, Batangas was our partner grower for the event. They marketed their dressed Sunshines. Very good exposure as they got a lot of interest on their products.

Another grower, Joey Rigor of Sunshine Capon, was interviewed by Zac Sarian. Last Sunday, Zac got wind of a grower doing capon and asked me to set up meeting with Joey as he wanted to feature the product.

The Sunshine Chicken got a lot of attention. In turn, the inquiries redirected to our listed dealers were immediately felt.

That is our commitment to our dealers and growers...that the focus of marketing will be on the good product and them.

Several other major trade shows have been lined up for the rest of 2008.

We didn't get the attention in a major veterinary trade show because we were offering high technology. On the contrary, the people who are in the know..knew they had to unlearn practices. Rememeber, we are going back to basics.

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