Monday, February 11, 2008

Lechon Manok At Rare Fruit Nursery

See more of the Sunshines enjoyed

Mam Sandy,

Here are some few pictures of our family get together party
in Angeles City today. My mom ordered 7 dressed chicken
from Krukukuk Farms (TJ) last week to make lechon manok from
sunshine grown chickens today.

My caretaker prepared bamboo stick to grill the chickens
and marinated the sunshine chicken with Knorr seasoning
and many more. And we ordered special sarsa for the lechon
manok from one of the best lechon baboy retailers here in

All I can say is that the chikens are superb in quality in
every way. Taste, size, texture, and most importantly
grown naturally. And with special sarsa, we could serve it
already in a high end restaurant even in Manila. By the way,
Iam the one who tasted it first! haha

Reactions from the party about the Sunshine lechon manok:

1. The size of the chickens never reverted even though it
was already grilled. The size stayed the same.

2. Taste was natural because it was grown naturally!
Lasang native with bigger size.

3. They look exotic because they are bigger than
lechon manok served and sold in the highway.

4. Taste good even without any condiments or sauce used.

5. MASARAP! I texted TJ to say they are great tasting.
I told him they are good because of the grower itself has
a good growing management.

Mam Sandy, please indicate I got the dressed chickens
from TJ's farm. :)


Verman Reyes - Rare Fruit Nursery

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