Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ambuclao Dam

Decided to go to Baguio, Sunday...but an unexpected 3rd radio guesting delayed us. So opted for an early Monday trip.

I always look forward to going up North. Stop at S.O.U.L. Cafe is a must, too bad no Green Tea Latte available yesterday. My dealer made sure we are able to have Pinikpikan, the "killing me softly" chicken. It was really good and tasty, made more so because of her 90day Sunshine. One chicken fed 6 adults, of course we also had a big plate of pancit. The cook was her brother, who also mans the brooding area. Was he sad to make Pinikpikan?

We also saw the location in Tam-Awan of the soon to be demo farm there. You can feel the artist's air all around. We were even joking that the campfire and storytelling area is perfect for inihaw na manok or to sit around a kaldero of Pinikpikan.

We found out that the road from Benguet to Nueva Vizcaya is passable. They said it takes 5hrs, but we decided to try it anyway as Doc Rey figured that the 5hrs they noted was timed taking the bus. We passed by Ambuclao Dam! Never been there, and just hear it over the radio when it alarms Luzon about impending flood from expected water release :) After the dam, it was rough road....after about 30mins we decide to ask....the road was leading to Baguio using another route :)

Off we back tracked, we had to cross the spillway. Went up the mountains to see the dam from a scenic vantage point.

Arrived Aritao in 3.5hrs....but remember we got lost. That was a huge savings in time, relaxing winding roads, great view. We vowed to do Baguio more often and visit La Union and Pangasinan real soon.

Mid February for sure in Benguet for the much awaited seminars.

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