Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Info Ads 7-9

Here is our 3rd batch of Info Ads.

This set is geared to help our growers and dealers.

Our PR work and marketing is now focusing on spreading the taste and health benefits of Sunshines....assisting our growers.

2nd INAHGEN is a start. Several other trade shows have been booked. We are encouraging our growers to use the opportunity.

Some raisers have asked us how much they would have to pay for space taken up at our booths.

None. That is part of our total marketing plan. We all have to grow together. Together with educating the farmers, we also remember that our produce have to be known. Everybody is benefited, the dealer, the farmer, the end user....goes back to the cycle, we will grow too.

Join us in the trade shows that Sunshine participates in. Help us man the booths. Only if you know the other aspects, will you also be able to sell your products well.

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