Monday, February 25, 2008

Agri Kapihan Feb 2008

Every 4th Sunday of the month is a reunion of some sorts.

Agri Kapihan at the courtyard of DWWW 774khz, is open to all listeners and friends of Kabuhayan sa Agrikultura.

During the regular Kabuhayan sa Agrikultura, there was a question to us and the discussion drifted to capon Sunshines when Zac Sarian asked about supply.

Was I glad I had a ready answer that Joey Rigor of Victoria, Tarlac has Sunshine Capons available. Zac was very interested and asked me to set up farm visit to Joey's farm.

We thought that yesterday will be quiet because of the the weather, but that didn't dampen the listener's urge to go and participate.

You are able to speak up one on one with the resource speakers you want to, and refer to them your problems re: agriculture.

Several listeners bring their produce to sell: seedlings, trees, fruits, pastries, herbs etc

Nina is back after her maternity leave :)

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