Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Almost 20Feb2008

Half an hour to 20Feb2008.

We are so busy that we can just think of day to day, so as not to overwhelm ourselves.

Today was meeting up with a supplier, and doing an interview for a magazine.

Tomorrow is a trip to breeder farm with Bureau of Animal Industry veterinarian for bloodtesting.

Thursday I meet up with a new grower from Gen San who loaded last Friday, check on promo materials for use in INAHGEN. Afternoon meeting with some DA reps.....all those while coordinating a seminar for Sunshine in Region2 by Doc Rey.

Friday is hatching day, deliveries.

Saturday, two AANI booths, meeting one grower from Cebu :).

Sunday is Agri-Kapihan at DWWW 774.

Those are the givens.....surely there are a hundred and one pop up TO DOs.

Am not complaining....just blabbing...rather just blogging here.

Will keep you around with pictures.

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