Friday, February 15, 2008

Benguet State University's Vetmed Week 2008

February 14, Valentine's Day. La Trindad, Benguet. Close you eyes and feel the cool crisp breeze, take in the fresh air...and taste the sweet Strawberries.

That was what we did before going to Benguet State University's Vetmed Week.

I realized I had no pics of Doc Rey as he was speaking. That is because I was manning the projector and I was having problems with my laptop's photo viewer.

Thank you to Robichem group who was the next speakers. They were very helpful in my predicament and plugged my flashdrive into their laptop. Now I know why they had several laptops with them. Can't tell when life's jokes play on you.

The vetmed students and faculty was a great audience. We hope to get invited back.

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