Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Love The Start Of 2008

How are you starting your 2008?

I hanged some chimes for the driveway in Fairvew. I tell you...they are chiming, humming, dinging, donging, whistling and surfing the cool breeze this morning. Looks like a great year ahead!

At about 7am, I was on the phone with a client from Tagaytay who wishes to have her order delivered later tonight. I felt jumpy about this transaction as her farm, plans for a wellness center/spa has good vibes to me. The wild unkept look of the surroundings are very ME :) She is a gardener by profession and that makes conversation with her exciting to me. So, off we go to Tagaytay later.

A little after 7am, phoned Pol Rubia of AANI to see if Circle will be open (I believe in visiting my store sites at the start of the year). YES! He will be there. Indeed, likes, work togther :) I need some herbs too, for my gardener client.

Visit mother.

Eating my defrosted fresh Durian. My last pack from 2007 harvest. Wonder if the freezer at AANI still has some treasures frozen for me. Great way to start my year...Durian!

Doc Rey has been doing the rooftop since yesterday. Fixing nets, propping up my plants, feeding the Sunshines with corn, bonding with the chickens :) Still at his power washer disinfecting today. He had to wash my car as he hits it accidentally. Easier to wash it, rather than avoid the car.

Happy New Year! Thank you so much to the people who supported us, clients who stayed through the years, new found friends and customers brought by Sunshine, organizations who believe, radio audiences who stay tuned and people in the sidelines just reading and listening. This circle props us up.

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