Friday, January 18, 2008

When I Am Quiet....

I was busy!

Reminds me of the wives' tale: "When the child is quiet, he may be onto something naughty or dangerous". Neither for me...was just fullybooked in terms of meetings.

Yesterday was a vacation for me. Did my personal errands the whole day. Got telephone calls though as it gets forwarded to my cellphone. Evening saw me working with my PR team, attending the 1st European Community Networking Night. Work and fun!

Today had several meetings at AANI.

Saw the landscaping being done at the booth...thank you to Pol Rubia.

Got so confused about dates..,hey...the Parent Stocks from SASSO arrives tomorrow at 10am!!!!

Tomorrow 19 Jan, 4:30am, Doc Rey will be at DZME 1530khz, Bagong Agrikultura: Agrikulturang Kay Ganda.

On Sunday, 2-3pm, listen to Pinoy Agri Kalikasan Kalusugan, DZRB 738khz.

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