Saturday, January 05, 2008

Earthlink Farm in Cebu

He wanted to go into white broilers. His father said to go into Bisaya Manok. Bernard found Sunshines.

Middle of December, Bernard and I were chatting on YM. He was asking about Sunshines, I was asking his opinion on my getting a toy. That was one of the funniest chats. If a 3rd party was reading...he wouldn't know how Bernard and I understood one another.

I ended up getting the toy the next morning! And Bernard waited to get his babies after Christmas.

These Sunshines that flew to Cebu are such imps! They missed their scheduled booking on the 1st flight, good 2nd flight accommodated them. Attaching their pics to the email took years to send...well, but that they are there, Bernard isn't on YM. Must be out looking at the stars with his babies.

"Hey Bernard..did I tell you I was getting another type of toy on Tue"?

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