Monday, January 14, 2008

Biogas For Home

PHP12,000 for the system...perfect for home, for use in place of LPG.

Been toying with the idea of recycling and Biogas.....but the procrastinator in me, still has no recycled matter from what is readily abundant...chicken manure.

Ka Pio's Biogas booth is a stone's throw away from us, we are together during the radio program on Sundays.... there is no reason not to have it.

This is Ka Pio's DO GOOD TO MANKIND. The know-how, labor and materials are more than what he is asking for.

Listen to him during Kaunlaran Sa Agrikultura over DWWW 774, 4:30-7:30, aired every Sunday.


  1. Hi Solraya,

    Can I post this on my EntrePinoys site? And, if not much of a trouble, can I have the contact details as well of Ka Pio?

    Many thanks!
    - Leo

  2. Yes, please post this. Its the least I can do for Ka Pio's untiring good deeds.

    I have asked for his number from Pol Rubia and I will send it to you.

    Ka Pio is at AANI Circle on Sundays. wehehehhe, ikaw ang susuko sa non stop passionate biogas.