Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Urban Farming

We are developing our rooftop to show urban farming is doable.

The project started when we wanted a demo farm. Easier to explain and show in real. It later showed us that urban farming is indeed workable. Chicken farming is possible in the city. Of course we encourage most to just raise for their own consumption. Even if you don't have a ranging area, you can do a "cut and carry" of grass, give them your fruit/vegetable kitchen/table leftovers.

So now, we are fixing it to really be a seminar area. Another office below, is being prepared for clients to be comfortable when they come to learn about the benefits of Sunshine :)

Join us through urban farming. You will find yourselves enjoying raising healthy chickens, because it is beneficial to you too...and the taste... Do you know what the taste of native chickens are?


  1. When will be your next seminar sched for free-range chicken? I'm very much interested actually, and I'm planning to purchase a raw land for this new project.

    btw, thanks for regularly commenting and giving advice on EntrePinoys!

    0916 5187841

  2. Leo,

    We can meet up with you and do a more personal seminar. I suggest read up here and the PCARRD forum. When we meet, our topics will be more focused.

    Let's talk before you buy land. So you can decide better on what type of land you need.

    Happy New Year! Stronger 2008 to all of us.