Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sunshine In Inahgen

Come and join us at 2nd INAHGEN on Feb 27-29.

We will raffle off 50 Sunshine Chicks to our blog visitors who will be at INAHGEN too.

Basing from our site statistics, we know we have a lot of readers. This will be our way of adding some fun and interaction.

How to join?

1) Post a comment in this topic, you can even just say "hi", "bulaga", or even just "smile". If you are generous with your time, hopefully a "see you at INAHGEN" line.

2) Visit booth our booth at INAHGEN and drop your card, piece of paper or anything to write on. Indicate your: real name, the handle you used in posting in this topic, contact telephone number.

That's it. :)

We will pick each winner or winners (we might pick more than one) of 50 Sunshine Chicks from the raffle bowl on the 29th and post here.


  1. helo... khit 10 piraso lng nmn gusto ko lng itry ano meron s sunshine.... compare s iba... thanx... and sana iba2 nyo price ng isan piraso so we can afford to buy... God bless

  2. Hello... can i have the address or any contact number of your dealer in Pangasinan!here my email add:
    God bless