Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunshine Packed Tuesday

8am saw me meeting with my partners for the breeding part of Sunshines. Just touching base about our arriving 2,200 heads SASSO Parent Stocks, and plans for further expansion for the 3rd shipment of Parent Stocks.

10am was at SMX for the 2nd INAHGEN Exhibitors Meeting. I almost passed out after the dizzying super escalator ride. I can't comprehend why they would have designed something like that. It didn't look attractive, inviting, educational nor artistic. Well, you may see colors after you fall off. I actually made a phone call during the dizzy ride up. It was an attempt to get my mind off the revolting spin being felt.

2pm saw me at AANI Circle. Met with a writer for a feature in their magazine.

Early evening saw me buying some cute stuffed chicks for use at the INAHGEN booth.

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