Friday, January 11, 2008

Dispersals by DA-CAR, Free Seminar February

The dispersal of Department of Agriculture-CAR for the Hunger Mitigation Program, of 5000+ Sunshine Chicks, had been awarded to our dealer in the area.

A free seminar is scheduled about the 2nd week of February, in Baguio. More like 14Feb :)

Everyone will be welcome to attend. Will post details once final.


  1. thanks for the info. am interested in the sunshine chicks here in baguio. update me on the seminar venue on feb14. mas maganda ba sa sasso yan?

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  3. Thank you for your interest.

    I will post seminar and you will see it in the EVENTS/SEMINAR links.

    SASSO is not a breed, but the name of the cooperative/genetic company that is foremost in supplying the colored free range chickens.

    Have you tried raising colored chickens that you call SASSO before? If YES, then I will say this might be different. The difference may be on the care f breeders and if what you got before are bonafide F1 SASSO chicks.

    What we offer are real F1 chicks. SASSO is our supplier of Parent Stocks.

    If you wish to visit our dealer in Baguio, text (0920) 236-6051. They will know schedules better.

    See you sa seminar.