Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Farmer TJ's Chicken of Krukukuk Farm

This is how we were greeted by Farmer TJ and his Sunshines

After a while, they left us to roam outside :)

We made a visit to TJ in Bulacan yesterday morning. This was supposed to be scheduled early December but all our timetables went wayward when the 12th month of the year showed in the calendar.

He has rested his other housings, ranging areas and have planned to make pocket grows in several ranging areas around the vicinity. That way, he will be able to practice range rotations, biosecurity, and still monitor as he will go around his farm around.

Instead of making one time grows, Krukukuk Farm has decided to do small but frequent loadings.

May be more work intensive...but will have fresh and constant supplies. Easier to predict and keep up with supply and demand.

This was funny...I took TJ and Doc Rey's pictures in three (3) different angles. Previewing it, thinking that I was taking against the light...I moved around...we all laughed when I realized its not the light! They were both dark :)

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