Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Entrepinoys Atbp.

The Entrepinoy Atbp. is the 4th tab on my browser when I start up my Firefox.

Was talking with some guys last Sunday and we discussed about this site. The owner of the site is doing a great job there. He is able to connect the dots, that it doesn't appear like a puzzle.

I saw how that site started..really come a long way.

Today was a regular day and I normally go over comments first. A picture on the main caught my eye...looks like a photograph I took at the rooftop!

Scrolled up to read the was about free range chicken. It later dawned on me that it was Sunshine Chicken :)

Dated January 5 2008? I am sure I open the site at least 3x a day...must be even like 10x a day. How could I have missed that article?

I am too shy to say "hello and thank you" to the site owner :)

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