Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Agrilink Is Coming!

Read about it here.

Time flies by us so fast that we are now cramming for Agrilink 2009's preparations. Slated for October 8-10.

I have always stayed indoors while Doc Rey and rest of the staff stayed in our outdoor booth. This time, we will consolidate our efforts and have an outdoor setup, beside Teresa Orchard.

Why excites me about the outdoors?
1) We may serve you earlier and after the Agrilink's formal hours.
2) We are able to setup a more realistic and doable display.
3) Seminars may be conducted everyday, even 2x a day. One on one consultations are easier with visuals.

Doc Rey will be around the whole time to do FREE small group seminars. More like 10am and 3pm daily :)

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