Thursday, September 03, 2009

So Much Time In My Hands

The past was all about time.

We are in Vigan for an extended stay. Doc Rey working, while I had been going around Vigan on foot, driving around and feeling the little old world that it evokes.

Watches...I revived my love for old watches and bought some antique ones and gleefully asked a staff to take it to watchmaker. It took all of PHP80 to make it work. Sometime ago I saw a watch on a friend's arm and made a mental note to ask her about it. As I said, time is now my topic....I called her to please reserve it for me.

Another about time, this time Bohol time. I was told by our host in Bohol that we will be staying in homestays.

As I now have the luxury of time to surf...see where it brought me...WOW, can't wait to fly to Bohol's time.

I've have always wanted to visit Bohol but time didn't allow. Really thankful that work takes us to wonderful places and experiences.

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