Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Did you feel alluded to? Take a bow then....

I was referring to the material plastic, that was hanging and lay everywhere after the flood had subsided.

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Which caused what in the global warming and change of weather? We know how garbage and synthetics in our midst played a major part in the earth's warming.

As I was watching the relief operations on TV the other night and having the picture in my mind of "The Day After" when we went around Marikina and San Mateo....

I noticed first that..."geez...they take the effort to show their organization's sando bag printing as they hand over their help"!

Switching stations...ok, this time, there were no named in the sando bags, just plain white.

Then it dawned on me....YIKES plastic bags again to the relief centers. With this volume, its like the same percentage of the one month's rainfall in 6hrs that September 26.

But I know, how will it be transported and thrown to rooftops without getting wet and torn?

I pray that there is a group tasked to at least deal with all this plastics.

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