Monday, September 21, 2009

Be Creative With Your Resources

What do you have around you? Start with what interests around those and develop a concept.

We had been concentrating on the dressed Sunshines. We had Adobo, home cooked, simple recipe. It was loved by balikbayans and were purchased as pasalubongs.

I had always toyed with the idea of having these vacuum packed for ready to eat and take as gifts. We knew already that our packaging withstood plane luggage packings and was perfect for comfort food gifts.

Brought up those ideas to others...but then maybe some don't want to think out of the box. I always turn boxes inside out and see what's being hidden.

The Ultimate Taste Test of Our Awesome Planet opened our eyes more and reiterated my vision for the cooked food market. They loved the Adobo and wanted to get it. It was originally meant to be the taste test medium, but looks like water seeks its own course and it was blatantly there that we can't shove it aside.

Now, what are we up to? We will be starting with Sunshines in Adobo, Dinuguan and Kaldereta.

It will be included in our delivery to your homes and will be showcased in Agrilink 2009.

Frozen, vacuum packed...ready to thaw and eat :) Have you thawed about it?

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